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Titel: from OTRS
Beitrag von: gissberg am 04.06.2018 12:34:05
Hi, I'm trying to hide pending tickets the way you used to do in OTRS and kix4otrs. I've managed to hide the tickets but apparently the does not exist.

Is there any way to change states on tickets in a cron fashion?

It's a kix17 installation.
Titel: Re: from OTRS
Beitrag von: Richard Leis am 11.06.2018 10:21:58
Hello Gissberg,

with KIX there aren't so many small scripts anymore.We put them together in one big script (/opt/kix/bin/
To execute the pending Check, you can let your cron execute the script with the following parameter:

sudo -u <web-User> /opt/kix/bin/ Maint::Ticket::PendingCheck

This does the same as teh old script.

Best regards