[BUG] Kernel/System/DynamicField/Driver/ITSMConfigItemReference.pm

Begonnen von samueldc, 11.08.2017 16:00:44

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Hi guys,

There's a bug (or missing feature) in Kernel/System/DynamicField/Driver/ITSMConfigItemReference.pm version 5x.

In previous versions (for OTRS 4x), it was possible to define a ticket notification filter using a ITSMConfigItemReference field value. Looks like this feature was removed from newer versions of package DynamicField-ITSMConfigItemReference.

Here's a patch that restores this feature:


Thanks for your attention.

Best regards!

Richard Leis

Hi Samuelcd,

could you please explain a bit more what you are trying to achieve?
Do you want to create a ticket notification that is sent only if a specific config item is linkeed to the ticket?
I am not sure if I get the scenario right.

Best regards



Hi Richard,

I want to create a ticket notification that is sent only if a dynamic field of type ITSMConfigItemReference has a specific value.

That type of dynamic field is provided by a Cape-it free add-on named DynamicField-ITSMConfigItemReference.

In previous versions, it's was ok to create such a notification. But since version 5, this is not working. In the link above, that points to OTTERHUB, I proposed a patch for that.

Hope it can help someone else trying to achieve the same thing.

Best regards,


Richard Leis

Hi Samuel,

in this case you can use the normal Ticket Notifications.
There is an event "TicketDynamicFieldUpdate_<DFName>" that can be used.
In the Ticket Filter you can define the value for the dynamic field that triggers the notification event.
I tested this and it worked.

Best regards