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Autor: Tino Voigt
« am: 27.07.2018 08:14:41 »

Hello Nilufar,

you can find a price-list at the following link:

For more informations please feel free to contact our sales Team at:

best regard, Tino Voigt
Autor: Nilufar
« am: 24.07.2018 05:39:28 »

Is this module chargable? If yes then how to purchase it ?
Autor: Tino Voigt
« am: 23.07.2018 10:08:50 »

Hello Nilufar,

for this you could use the maintenance planner module.
With this module, you can define time-based, cyclic or threshold-based maintenance.

You can find more informations aubout the maintenance planner on the kixdesk website:

best regards, Tino Voigt
Autor: Nilufar
« am: 19.07.2018 13:44:44 »

In my case my team we have repetitive tasks every week/months and i have to make system to create tickets for certain agents every week/months automatically using cron job
Can i make it somehow?

Thank you for your assistance.
Autor: Tino Voigt
« am: 17.07.2018 12:51:11 »

Hello Nilufar,

you can create your own configuration-module on the same way like the sample from the AutoPriorityIncrease.

What do you want to do with the generic agent.
In the most cases, the handling and flexibility of generic agents by using the web interface is more 

Best regards, Tino Voigt
Autor: Nilufar
« am: 10.07.2018 08:09:01 »

Thank you so much for your answers!
Please help me, how can i create my own configuration module?

Autor: Tino Voigt
« am: 02.07.2018 09:33:34 »

 Hello Nilufar,

the AutoPriorityIncrease is just a sample for a configuration module. Its part of the KIX package.
You can create your own configuration module to run you customized generic agents by using the command line.

Best regards, Tino Voigt
Autor: Nilufar
« am: 12.06.2018 11:43:37 »

Hello mr. Tino Voigt,

Thank you for your answer, I also wanted to make clear about "AutoPriorityIncrease" part, is it custom generic agent job which you already created through generic agent interface in kixdesk?

Thank you once again for your assistance.
Autor: Tino Voigt
« am: 24.05.2018 16:19:53 »

Hello Nilufar,

you can run Generic Agents from the terminal using the command „sudo -u <your webserver user> /opt/kix/bin/ Maint::GenericAgent::Run –configuration-module (your configuration module)“

You can find some test configuration modules under /opt/kix/Kernel/System/GenericAgent.

For example:

sudo -u www-data /opt/kix/bin/ Maint::GenericAgent::Run --configuration-module Kernel::System::GenericAgent::AutoPriorityIncrease

best regards, Tino Voigt
Autor: Nilufar
« am: 16.05.2018 15:07:51 »

Hello! how to run Generic Agent job from command line not through web-interface?
 Thank you in advance for any suggestions.