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Autor: Nilufar
« am: 14.09.2017 12:39:50 »

Thank you so much mr. Danny Bochmann[/size]
Your link helped me a lot![/size]
Autor: Danny Bochmann
« am: 12.09.2017 13:57:39 »

Hello Nilufar

please see the new topic from Fabian at and check the other points.

Best regards
Autor: Nilufar
« am: 28.07.2017 12:39:57 »

I increased my RAM size and i see changes and it's more faster than it was. I guess it was RAM issue. But if there's any recommendations for boosting perfomance of the kix system i'd be glad to know about it. Thank you in advance.
Autor: Nilufar
« am: 28.07.2017 12:01:10 »

Hello KIX team! I have installed kix2017 on CentOS 7 64bit,on VMware Workstation, 2GB RAM, 2 virtual CPU and 4 cores and 50 GB HDD it's only for testing environment and there only few tickets created. It's a little bit slow while operating with tickets, while opening it, reply ticket, forward ticket and etc. How it's possible to increase the overall perfomance of kixdesk?