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Autor: Katja Hüsig
« am: 29.06.2017 09:57:35 »

Hi gissberg,

did you use the admin account and password of mysql while exporting the variables:
export KIXMYSQL_USER=<MySQL admin user>                              <- in most cases the user is "root"
export KIXMYSQL_PASSWORD=<MySQL admin password>

Could you please post the errors of kix_install.log (/opt/kix16/var/log/kix_install.log)?

Best regards,
Katja Hüsig
Autor: gissberg
« am: 29.06.2017 08:22:44 »

Hi Katja,

I used the mysql version:

1. add the following line to /etc/apt/sources.list
deb kix2017 stable

2. import the c.a.p.e. IT PublicKey to authenticate the packages
wget -qO - | apt-key add -

3. update apt sources
apt-get update

export KIXMYSQL_USER=<MySQL admin user>
export KIXMYSQL_PASSWORD=<MySQL admin password>
apt-get install kix-mysql kix

Autor: Katja Hüsig
« am: 28.06.2017 15:16:20 »

Dear gissberg,

what commands exactly did you use?

Best regards,
Katja Hüsig
Autor: gissberg
« am: 21.06.2017 16:42:17 »

Hi, just installed KIX on Ubuntu, followed the guide here:

I've gotten a few errors in the logfile and a few of them had to do with missing tables in the db, this is one of them:

Table 'kix17.time_accounting_user_period' doesn't exist, SQL: ' - I run mysql BTW.

And there are more errors in the kix-logs, so isnät the database complete when installing the free version? And MasterSlave doesn't seem to work either, it just adds a note in the ticket and there were missing .pm:s for this one too.

Thanks in advance.