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Autor: René Böhm
« am: 18.01.2017 15:58:13 »

Hi @all,

I'd like to answer some of the questions asked here in the past few weeks.

1. community integration
At the moment we are focusing our efforts on the development of KIX 2017 and beyond, so we don't have the resources to handle everything at once. Community integration is planned for the future but right now we are working on a concept to integrate partners into the development who can deliver professional services and professional support for their own extensions. This is one - if not the top - primary requirement of our customers.

2. installation of community modules
ITSM (without Change Management, since it seems to be a dead horse) and FAQ are already integrated in KIX 2016. but if you want to use other community modules you are free to install them but it's not recommended by us, because we can't deliver professional support for these mixed and untested environments. These installatins can be considered "experimental".

3. long term use
For professional use we offer 5-year LTS (Long Term Support) for KIX Professional. This additional service will have a price, of course.

4. Website update
This is already addressed to our marketing but right now they have got their hands full with planning our Cebit 2017 presence. It's not forgotten for sure :)

5. missing features (compared to Enterprise CMDB)
This is something we are working on, but since we don't have unlimited resources, it will take some time. The goal is clearly visible :)
But don't forget: you will get it for free and if you wan't professional support and more features as well, you can get this too, for a fraction of the price of a Enterprise CMDB / Enterprise Service Management.

6. merge bugfixes / feature from OTRS
We are merging bugfixes on a regular basis, since KIX 2016 is still based on the "OTRS World". Beginning with KIX 2017 we will do it selectively, since this version will start to leave the "OTRS World" step by step.

I hope I was able to answer some of your biggest question marks :)

best regards,
Autor: Ruben
« am: 09.01.2017 14:52:13 »

Hi  Martin!

Thanks your answer it is was helpful! Now on the company we are use OTRS5 (upgraded from 4) and for us the tickets and CMDB is the main area and of course change management. Basicaly we are a hardware Service Point but we have more support contracts.
What is your opinion which opensource system is the best choice.
Now i try iTop, opinion of this system?

Thanks in advance,
Autor: jergus
« am: 06.01.2017 13:46:13 »

Hello Ruben,

For me, OTRS without KIX4OTRS is useless, and since capeIT announced KIX4OTRS 8 is the last supported version and support will end on end of 2018, if you are really considering long term use, eventually you will be forced to migrate to KIX anyway. So, starting right with KIX will save you effort/troubles during the upgrade.

Currently the situation with KIX is unfortunate, but I hope it will change in the future:
  • Information on the website is not accurate
  • There is no active community around KIX and it seems that capeIT is doing nothing to change that
  • No community means no community addons (as in OTRS)
  • There is no way how the community can collaborate on source code (bug fixing and new features)
  • There is no way how to check the activity on KIX source code, leaving the community without any information about whats going on
BTW, how important is ticketing part and how important is CMDB part for you? Do you have any experience with OTRS/KIX CMDB? I'm asking only because, in my opinion, the way how CMDB is implemented in OTRS/KIX is not ideal. CI attributes are stored in serialized format in one column, so you lose any DB access to your CI data. That means, all reports and advanced queries have to be done using PERL API.
Without the doubt KIX brings many features on top of OTRS CMDB, but still it covers just basic requirements (maybe I expect too much after experience with enterprise  CMDBs)[/size]

If the CMDB is the main area of your focus, we could discus open source alternatives that may be more suitable for you.


Autor: Ruben
« am: 04.01.2017 00:44:15 »

Hi Jergus!
Thanks your answer, what is your opinion the KIX is suitable for long-term (not Professional) or use OTRS with KIX4OTRS extension. I want to suite a OTRS system with ITSM CMDB for longterm using.
Autor: jergus
« am: 03.01.2017 18:28:30 »

Hello Ruben,

I asked this same question couple of months ago via email, when KIX was just released. My understanding is that:

ITSMConfigurationManagement, ITSMCore, ITSMIncidentProblemManagement, GeneralCatalog (+ Service Level management) are included in KIX and you don't have to install them.

ITSMChangeManagement is no longer supported in KIX and if you want to support Change management process you should create new Ticket Type (e.g. Change) and create custom Process using process management. I personally like the decision to deprecate the ITMSChangeManagement module as it was not implemented very wisely and it had many limitation (e.g. no SLA, no ACLs, ...).

I asked KIX staff to update the information on their website to make it more clear to potential customers, but I'm not sure it was done.
Autor: Ruben
« am: 03.01.2017 15:56:37 »

Hi Richard!

I want to use the default ITSM modules from OTRS.
ITSMChangeManagement, ITSMConfigurationManagement, ITSMCore, ITSMIncidentProblemManagement, GeneralCatalog.

So it is possible to use this modules in KIX, not in professional version.

Thanks in advance,
Autor: Richard Leis
« am: 16.12.2016 09:47:12 »

Hello Ruben,

this is temporarily not possible.
We are reviewing the common third party modules at the moment to find out what modules we need in KIX and how to make sure that they will be working correctly with our software.
If you like you can provide me a list of modules you want to use so I can give them to our responsible person.

Best regards

Autor: Ruben
« am: 15.12.2016 14:08:57 »


I would like to ask, it is posible to install ITSM modules( ITSMChangeManagement, ITSMServiceLevelManagement) into KIX or another third party modules or it not supported?
Autor: jergus
« am: 12.09.2016 15:48:28 »

Hello Richard,

thank you for your reply. I will use forum or support to report issues and code changes until you come up with something other.

I would like to ask whether there is a way how to track current development in progress in KIX?
Are you going to merge bug fixes from the OTRS code repository (of course until it makes sense?
Are you going to merge meaningful enhancements from the OTRS repository?

Currently there is no transparent progress on the KIX project, community does not see what is going on, what to expect in next version etc... Do you have any estimation, when you want to change this?

thank you
Autor: Richard Leis
« am: 08.09.2016 15:44:54 »

Hello Jergus,

our public repository in GitLab is read-only at the moment, so it is not supported to commit changes. This will change in the future.
If you want to report issues or suggest code changes, please use our public forum or send it to

Best regards

Autor: jergus
« am: 30.08.2016 08:06:13 »


I'd like to ask you, what is the best way I should create pull request  to the KIX code base now, when you moved KIX sources to own server.
 1. How to submit pull request to code, that is also part of OTRS? Should I use OTRS on github? Will you be able to merge the change to your source repository?
 2. How to submit pull request to code, that is exlusively part of KIX4OTRS/KIX codebase?

thank you