Russian Localization for KIX2017

Begonnen von Nilufar, 18.07.2017 06:07:15

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Hello kix developers team! Thank you for your efforts.  But no russian framework localization for kix2017, so i decided just copy ru.pm file from gihub and place in language directory but not all buttons and elements are translated. For element in customer web-interface "Ticket Templates" can't find translatable element neither in CustomerTicketTemplate.tt file neither in CustomerTicketTemplate.pm file. Please give me any recommendation on how i can manually do translation for elements in english though the default language of framework is russian. Thank you in advance.

Richard Leis

Hello Nilufar,

to add missing translations to your KIX you can simply add the elements to your russian language file.
Just add it to the end of the file.
After deleting your caches the translation should be shown in your system.

Best regards