Migration OTRS to KIX

Begonnen von Ruben, 15.12.2016 10:34:05

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Hi, can you help! I have a OTRS4 Appliance which I updated first to the lates version OTRS 4.0.20, I tested and everything is OK. Next I upgraded to OTRS5 5.0.13 version which is compatible with the latest kix version (It is same), I tested andeverything is OK. Next I start the migration script follow the all steps and I receive the error the KIX_DBMS is not the same with OTRS_DBMS.
So I am here somebody can help on the next step, how can I migrate the all data from OTRS5 to KIX2016.
Thanks in advance,


I receive the next error message:
framework version...OK (5.0.13)
ERROR: DBMS mismatch! Migration not possible!


Hello everybody I solve the problem.

The solution:
sed -i 's/use base qw(Kernel::Config::Defaults);/use Kernel::Config::Defaults;/g' /opt/otrs/Kernel/Config.pm

René Böhm

Hi Ruben,

just a question from my side: which DBMS did the OTRS installation use and with which DBMS did you install KIX ? I'm asking, because I'm wondering that the string replace you did was the actual solution in the end. The error you've experienced is the result of a string compare of the DBD driver used in both configurations. Is it possible that you've installed one of the systems with MySQL and the other one with Pg ?

best regards,