Incorrect organization of ticket via email (kix start: 4106-1.1663-1)

Begonnen von Den, 17.02.2023 08:09:27

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I am experiencing the same problem as "Falsche Organisation bei Ticket via Email", when a ticket is created via email, if it is not an existing contact, a new organization is created using the sender's email address as the name and the ticket is assigned accordingly. I have updated to the latest version 4106-1.1663-1 but the problem persists, am I missing something? Thanks!

Torsten Thau

The system is working as designed. Every new contact is automatically registered and assigned to an organization. Since there is none for an unknown contact a new organization is created.

We found that this behavior is cumbersome and it will be removed in version 29. The requirement to assign a contact to an organization will be removed. KIX (Pro) will further allow for an email-domain based organization assignment, or default organization assignment or behavior as known today.

CU, T.