[SOLVED] Why kixdesk is a little slow in perfomance?

Begonnen von Nilufar, 28.07.2017 12:01:10

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Hello KIX team! I have installed kix2017 on CentOS 7 64bit,on VMware Workstation, 2GB RAM, 2 virtual CPU and 4 cores and 50 GB HDD it's only for testing environment and there only few tickets created. It's a little bit slow while operating with tickets, while opening it, reply ticket, forward ticket and etc. How it's possible to increase the overall perfomance of kixdesk?


I increased my RAM size and i see changes and it's more faster than it was. I guess it was RAM issue. But if there's any recommendations for boosting perfomance of the kix system i'd be glad to know about it. Thank you in advance.

Danny Bochmann

Hello Nilufar

please see the new topic from Fabian at https://forum.kixdesk.com/index.php?topic=525 and check the other points.

Best regards


Thank you so much mr. Danny Bochmann[/size]
Your link helped me a lot![/size]