Need kix developer for assistance in developing workflow processes

Begonnen von Nilufar, 24.10.2019 10:29:34

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Hi KIX team and developers. I'm interested in KIX product in order to implement the following things in our company: Workflow, CTI, Dashboard and Analytics of Workflow tasks, Analytics of Tickets and Web-Interface rework for more comfortable user interface (if needed), Addons modules for extension of system and additional functionality.

For workflow Automating Business process of the Company is there any ready to use catalog of workflow processes which we can test ? And if we need additional rework on workflow processes we need some assistance and how we can discuss about it all? Or can someone already create and develop workflow business processes using kixdesk environment?  ( All requests asked as customer and we are ready to pay)

Please send me email on nilufar.khuseyinova@gmail.com or write me message for more details. 

Richard Leis

Hi Nilufar,

if you are interested in purchasing products and/or services from us I recommend to get in touch with our sales department.
You can simply write an email to sales@cape-it.de and our colleagues will take care of your matters.

It is also possible to get access to colleagues from our project department. Their job is to personalize the system for your special needs.
This also includes implementation of processes and automatisms to simplify your work.
You can also talk about this to our sales staff.

Best regards