How to generate empty templates for signature and salutations ?

Begonnen von ffuernha, 29.09.2016 13:30:30

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Issue/Motivation: I would like to move salutation and signature into the templates (as they may vary), The current KIX professional does not allow to generate empty salutations or signatures, there has to be at least one letter in.
Question: Does anybody know how to
a.) have empty templates assigned in a queue, or
b.) be able to generate an empty template for signature and salutation.

Danny Bochmann

Hello Felix,

you cant add empty salutations or signatures but you can delete the placeholder.
Please configure the SysConfigKey "Ticket::Frontend::ResponseFormat" and delete the first and the third line like my example:

[% Data.StdResponse | html %]

[% Data.Created | Localize("TimeShort") %] - [% Data.OrigFromName | html %] [% Translate("wrote") | html %]:
[% Data.Body | html %]

Now you can create your templates an salutation and signature.
Please test this configuration.

Best regards