KIX17 fetchmail - cannot connect to mail host (Exchange 2010)

Begonnen von Kosta Cipo, 27.10.2021 15:56:04

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Kosta Cipo

Hallo zusammen,

I have a fresh KIX17 installation on a RHEL 8 VM. Configured an email address (IMAPS). It fails to fect emails from the mail host - IMAPS: Can't connect to .....
All modules are installed. I can telnet to the mailserver from the VM.

Any ideas or feedback why this can be happening? Thanks and regards,


Jörg Brückner

Hello Kosta,

The message indicates that kix cannot access the mail server.
In most cases, an additional permission must be granted in the exchange, so that an external program (kix) is allowed to fetch the mails.
Often it is due to the permissions. Please check the permissions on your mailserver (Exchange).

best regards

Kostaq Cipo