Quick-Install-Guide KIX 2016 from Univention App Center

Begonnen von Heidi Meißner, 29.08.2016 13:08:50

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Heidi Meißner

  Requirement: KIX 2016 is available in the App Center of UCS-Version 4.1

  •   Download and install the KIX appliance (https://www.univention.de/produkte/univention-app-center/app-katalog/kix2016/) or install UCS individually (https://www.univention.de/download/) and than install KIX 2016 separately via the AppCenter
  •   Depending on the performance of the system and speed of the network connection the installation process may take about 15 minutes or longer

    •   Note: The recommended minimum equipment should not be less than 2 virtual CPU cores and 2GB RAM.
  •   Access to the system takes place eitehr via the in the VM assigned IP adress or via integration into the namespace of the organization over the assigned FQDN / hostname of the system

    •   example:  or  https://ucs-7182.capeit-test.intranet
    •   the log in takes places with the administrator access, which was assigned during installation

Attached you will find a step by step guide. For questions and suggestions you can contact us via this forum.