In Contact management section more than 250 contacts not visible

Begonnen von Nilufar, 14.11.2019 04:47:51

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Hello KIX team.

After using kixdesk for more than 2 years, our contacts has grown in number and now when we add new contacts it's not visible to edit contact's informations. Is it because web-interface or some bug? why no button to go to next page to see other contacts? How can we fix it?

Thank you in advance.

Tino Voigt

Hello Nilufar,

as i understand, new contact that you added to kix will not shown in the contact list.

Will the new contacts found by searching for it?

At the moment kix processes just one transaction from the active directory.
In default it is 1000 entrys.

If you have more than 1000 contact you could set the "MaxPageSize" for you Active directory to a higher value.

best regards, Tino Voigt